Traditional, Legitimate
Martial Arts Training.

Since 1992.
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About Pacific Karate of La Jolla

Master Gehosky, with a reputation as one of the finest instructors in San Diego, has devoted the last 30 years of his life training and perfecting the ancient practice of Tang Soo Do, which he personally teaches at Pacific Karate.

This is true traditional, striking art, which focuses on the most lethal means to combat an opponent.

With consistent practice, you are guaranteed the highest level of instruction and the fastest possible progress towards your martial art goals. Especially important is the disciplined and structured class environment which stresses respect for others and themselves from their very first lesson.


  I've lost weight faster than with any other cardio workout. This is the real deal.     CN from Pacific Beach

  I have had to defend myself and I am so thankful that I got legitimate training to successfully do so.     JM from Point Loma

  Teachers thought my child had ADHD - his karate training has worked wonders for him and our family.     MS from La Jolla


Pacific Karate of La Jolla
450 Pearl St La Jolla, California 92037
Corner of Pearl and La Jolla Blvd.